Walter Lang – piano; Gerwin Eisenhauer – drums; Sebastian Gieck – bass;

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Trio ELF has never stayed within the perimeters of the classic jazz piano trio. Their debut album “ELF” (2006) explored the possibilities of playing drum & bass beats, which are usually produced electronically. They did it acoustically, with drums followed by piano textures that shifted from floating sensitivity, to gripping urgency, all this held together by minimalistic bass lines. Next came “746” (2008), “Elfland” (2010), “Amsterdam” and “ELF RMXD” (both recorded in 2013), “MusicBoxMusic” (2016), and “The Brazilian Album” (2018). Now, with “Fram”, Trio Elf dares to advance even further into the realm of electronic dance music – of course, as always, completely acoustic, with Walter Lang on Piano, Gerwin Eisenhauer on drums and Sebastian Gieck joining the two on double bass for the first time. The Norwegian word “Fram” can be translated as “ahead”, and that’s exactly the direction in which the eponymous opener marches.

Fram 00:04:02
I Wonder 00:06:05
Little Brother 00:04:52
Addicted 00:04:56
Meditation in F Mi 00:07:06
Halfmoon Bay 00:06:19
An Ode to Bach 00:04:32
Nine Lines 00:05:02
Not What 00:03:09
What It Seems 00:04:34
Afterglow 00:05:35