Uni Versos


Magdalena Matthey – vocals, guitar; Zelia Fonseca – vocals, guitar;
Joo Kraus – trumpet; Angela Frontera percussion; Kosho – guitar; Rolf Breyer – bass; Marcio Tubino – sax, flute; + strings and woodwinds

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When South American artists, composers, musicians and kindred spirits Magdalena Matthey (Chile) and Zelia Fonseca (Brazil) decided to connect and combine their musical worlds, they could not have known then how hauntingly beautiful the result would be. UNIVERSOS their first album together, takes the listener on a musical journey through jazz, folk, world music, pop, in an intense search for unity and freedom. Containing songs composed together alongside interpretations of each others existing compositions, the album is a superbly curated collection of timeless songs and stories from two personalities swaying between melancholy and joie de vivre.
Singer-songwriter MAGDALENA MATTHEY from Santiago de Chile, has been one of the most important voices in her genre for almost 25 years. Influenced from an early age by the original songs, stories and legends of her country, she combines the folklore of Chilean reality with all the timbres of Latin American music.
The themes of her songs show her love for humanity, nostalgia and sensitivity for social issues. All of these topics are reflected in her eight albums and the documentary „My mother tells me“ (2015).
Magdalena has twice received the Silver Seagull in the popular genre of the Viña del Mar Festival (1995 and 2003) and the Altazor Prize for her production „Tomorrow is another day“ (2005).
Her album „Lo más cerca posible“ was awarded Best Album of the Year in Chile in November 2017. She performs her music throughout South America and Europe, sharing the stage with such well known personalities as Pedro Aznar, Alejandro Filio and Chico César, to name a few.

ZELIA FONSECA is a composer, singer and sublimely talented guitarist from southeastern Brazil. She combines Jazz sound invention with indie and pop elements, showing their origins in African and Indian stories and the polyrhythms of Brazil.
A uniquely gifted and visionary player she first came to international prominence as one half of the duo Rosanna and Zelia. She has recorded 7 CDs and her compositions are rich in poetic images and moods served by her fearlessly beautiful and emotional guitar playing.
She has toured extensively through Canada, Asia, Brazil and Europe, sharing the stage with the likes of Compay Segundo, John Mclaughlin, George Benson, Joe Zawinul and others.