A Tamed Tiger’s Roar


Stefanie Boltz – vocals; Christian Wegscheider – piano

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JAZZBABY! Ideology-free & freshly changing between bluesy gospel, singer-songwriter and chamber music, with jazz as a big bracket: JAZZBABY! Is Stefanie Boltz and Christian Wegscheider. The music is realized by a musician collective from Austria and Germany and is a platform for bold music. The visionary Munich vocalist Stefanie Boltz, who is busy on and behind concert stages, is known from her voice-bass duo “Le Bang Bang”, with whom she recently celebrated her 10th anniversary. In the meantime she has also made a name for herself as a songwriter, most recently her third album “Midwinter Tales”. Through her thorough examination of the music of the Alpine region, she got to know the Tyrolean pianist Christian Wegscheider. Wegscheider’s refreshing unpolishness, flood of ideas and shrewd virtuosity inspired the Munich jazz singer from the very first moment. In addition, it is also the creative courage that she ascribes to the behavior of alpine artists to break out of the topographical narrowness that sometimes surrounds them. During the unusual months of the corona-related first lockdown, Wegscheider and Boltz increasingly wrote their own song material and developed it into one across the border closure new concert program. The border openings and a first world premiere in front of a lively audience should show that a new band, yes, a new baby was born here: The JAZZBABY! Both artists have a large network of friends and well-rehearsed musicians in their respective (pre-) Alpine circles, that you choose to invite to join the JAZZBABY! and to celebrate “courageous music” together in a collective way: Courage not only for the musically unusual, but also the courage to feel, outburst and escapade.

For Weeks / Prolog 00:01:47
For Weeks 00:03:04
Marvelous 00:03:18
Never Loved Before 00:03:13
Scuse Me 00:04:03
Don’t Think Twice 00:03:28
A Night Like This 00:03:25
I Will Not Follow You Prolog 00:01:00
I Will Not Follow You 00:03:28
You Don’t Care 00:03:44
Undream a Dream 00:02:56
After the Rain Prolog 00:00:44
After the Rain 00:04:12
Always Was You 00:01:51