Whispered Garden


Jun Miyake with , Lisa Papineau, Arthur H, Bruno Capinan, Vinicious Cantuaria etc

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Discovered by the Japanese legend Terumasa Hino, Jun Miyake started his career as a Jazz trumpeter, graduating Berklee College of Music. As he came back to Tokyo, he became an influential artist, as well as a successful composer. Miyake has closely worked with Pina Bausch, Wim Wenders, Robert Wilson, Oliver Stone, Jean-Paul Goude, Philippe Decoufle, etc, as well as collaborations with artists such as Hal Willner, Arto Lindsay, Arthur H, Vinicius Cantuaria, Bulgarian Voices, David Byrne, Grace Jones, Gavin Friday, Ron Carter, Michael Brecker, and many others.
With his ability to blend the most seemingly disparate elements of music, he has achieved much respect throughout the world. Miyake’s album „Stolen from strangers“ has been selected as „best album of the year“ for numerous European music magazines, and the Grand Prix for the German Record clitics Award 2008.He has been selected as „man of 2009“ by Galerie Lafatette homme. Wim Wenders film „pina“ which Miyake contributed core music for has been awarded as „best documentary film“ by Europian film award 2011, Nominated for Academy award 2012

June Miyake’s music comes light-footed as the bossa nova, accessible as sophisticated pop and refined and versatile as lively jazz. Whispered Garden is an ever-changing constellation of sound images and scenes, bossa nova and reggae, Kurt Weill and Nino Rota, chanson and symphony, jazz and improvisation, rock and folk: the album is a must-hear from start to finish, mixing all styles and genres to create a hybrid of musical genius

Jun is truly unique: he constantly produces that “Third Thing”between music and imagery.You enter this space for the first time and you’re already addicted to it…” Wim Wenders

Stolen From Strangers, by Japanese arranger Jun Miyake, is your new best friend …it sounds right in any context: loud, soft, in the kitchen, while travelling, on the radio. Each track is full of delight,.. whether Miyake is the new Gil Evans or merely the new Bacharach, he’s made a fantastic album. The Guardian

Untrodden Sphere 00:01:44
Hollow Bones 00:04:10
Counterflect 00:03:18
The Jamestown Bridge 00:03:21
Paradica 00:02:17
Farois Distantes 00:03:30
Undreamt Chapter 00:04:37
1979 00:03:34
Fluctations 00:02:22
Seshat 00:04:20
Parece Ate Carnaval 00:02:49
Progeny 00:05:28
Le Reve De L’eau 00:02:27
Witness 00:01:44
Time Song Time 00:04:45
Arraiada 00:02:46