Venus in the Backyard


Lisa Wahlandt (vocals) Andrea Hermenau (piano, vocals) Christiane Öttl (bass, vocals)

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3 ladies, 3 voices and all kinds of instruments around. Sometimes naughty and cheerful, sometimes thoughtful, but always imaginatively playful, so present: The „Grandes Dames“ of the German jazz scene.
Lisa Wahlandt, the changeable singer and „one of the most fascinating
Jazz singers of Europe „(world on Sunday), which repeatedly proves that“ jazz as champagne can be, tingling and yet substantial „(Financial Times), and with her Marlene Dietrich program as well as with passionate Bossa
Nova Affairen in collaboration with Mulo Francel of Quadro Nuevo and
Most recently with her second Enja CD „Wowowonder“ the audience and the
Critics and just a successful Korea tour (to the south of the
Landes), meets The Three Ladies on two equally versatile and
Successful musicians. On the one hand, she is a jazz pianist, composer and singer Andrea Hermenau, who currently shows her „artistic flair for elegance and dreamy groove“ (MOD) with her Andrea Hermenau Quartet, and Christiane Öttl, a multi- Instrumentalist and singer, who presents her musicality with joy, laughter and ease, without compromising artistic intuition

The three ladies are charming again!
They sing about Venus in the backyard, who wears a sparkling smile on her lips, about the warming embrace that makes the world a magical place, or about the wanderer whom she would love to accompany as she walks through the beauties of this earth.
The three ladies playfully mix jazz with pop music in a playful, playful way.

„Venus in the Backyard“, the third CD of the Drei Damen sounds airy, like a breeze, but also earthy-grooving and winking-swinging, and in the slim cast with three voices, piano and bass.
Since 2013, singer Lisa Wahlandt, pianist Andrea Hermenau and bassist Christiane Öttl have thrilled their audience with jazzy songs. After the debut album 2014 and the excursions to Bavarian and German on „Dream Farther“ in 2016, the master musicians have now focused on English-language hits and each of them has contributed to „Venus in the Backyard“ an own composition.
From the classic „One for my Baby“ from the 40s to George Harrison’s „Here comes the sun“ to Cindy Lauper’s 80s hit „Time after Time“ to Bruno Mars‘ „Count on me“ from 2010.
Their interpretations of familiar songs are like fresh air treatments for these hits. Brilliantly transparent is the band sound, clear and pure, the voices merge, with precisely articulated text.
Wahlandt, Hermenau and Öttl prove a fine hand in their song selection. Songs that have a story and tell. Current pop songs are freed from the excessive production ballast and come as weightless chansons therefore, Jesse J’s „Price Tag“ about. Ed Sheeran’s „Love Yourself“, on the other hand, gets really groove-tailwind through casual Fender Rhodes sounds and the body percussion of guest musician and drummer Gabriel Hahn.
Back to the Jazzwurzeln the three ladies is in Bobby Timmons „Dat Dere“. Here, saxophonist Mulo Francel from Quadro Nuevo as a guest may unpack his wonderfully creaky tenor saxophone sound.
Playfulness, the highest musicality and an intimate band feeling are the secrets of the Three Ladies