Too Far Away


Mohcine Ramdan: Percussion, Gembri, Gesang
Roman Bunka: Oud, Gitarre
Vlad Cojocaru: Akkordeon
Marja Burchard (Embryo): Flügel, Posaune
Wolfi Schlick (ExpressBrassBand): Flöte, Tenor Sax, Tuba
Luis Borda: Gitarre
Niko Schabel (radio Citizen): Altsax, Klarinette, Bassklarinette
Gergely lukacs: Trompete
Matthias Gmelin: Drum

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In their new album TOO FAR AWAY, JISR // BRÜCKE undertakes a foray through various musical styles and cultures. The repertoire and the musical influences are considerable: from Arabic classical and African Gnawa grooves to rock, Balkans, jazz, tango and Andalusian flamenco. An ethnographic snapshot of the multicultural music scene, which breaks the boundaries between different musical genres and fills the maximum of musical imagination, unconventionally instrumented and with a great longing for strange sound worlds.
Roman Bunka, who is celebrated as one of the most prominent oud players outside the Arab world, shines on the oud and guitar. On the guitar Luis Borda, the Argentine pioneer of Nuevo Tango. Marja Burchard, the leader of the legendary jazz rock band Embryo and some musicians from the Express Brass Band are the core of the world music project initiated by Mohcine Ramdan.
JISR means bridge in Arabic. Rooted in several musical genres, this unconventionally orchestrated musical project builds bridges between Arabian, Afro, jazz, rock and classical music and takes the path of maximum musical variation and improvisation. With charismatic ensemble art,the music is always homogeneous, cosmopolitan, subtle, striking and always exciting. A homogeneous mix of cultures for sensitive ears.


Berma 00:07:06
Musaka 00:05:44
Marenostrum 00:03:38
Tu Ausencia 00:05:54
Ready for Rafla 00:06:39
Hoeh 00:05:23
Andalousian Springtime 00:06:32
Samawi 00:04:48
Too Far Away 00:04:41
Mosque Road 0:10:40