Speak Low


Lucia Cadotsch – vocals; Petter Eldh – bass; Otis Sandsjö – Tenorsaxophon

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SPEAK LOW is Lucia Cadotsch’s new working band. With Petter Eldh on Double Bass and Otis Sansjö on Tenor Saxophone, she sings a captivating beautiful collection of modern classics, like Gloomy Sunday, Strange Fruit and Moon River. The versions carry the unmistakable stamp of Berlin 2016. Live,minimalistic, symphonic! Raw like ceviche! Analog is the new Berghain!

“We’re putting all our ideas into one rocket, we fire that off, it explodes and spreads out all over the fucking place but some of the stuff is gonna land right where we’re standing and what is left is what we use.“ This is how Petter Eldh captures the magic of Speak Low. Another way of putting it: what’s special about this trio is the absence of both a harmonic and a rhythmic instrument. But if you think this would narrow the trio’s expressive
range you are mistaken. SPEAK LOW have everything they need to interpret these beautiful songs in their own unique, stirring and very contemporary way. In one place, you hear the saxophone and think of a vintage synthesizer; in another, the strings and wood of the bass sound like the kick and claps of an 808. Still: no effects. This is a real band, with musicians who can play the shit out of anything and are not afraid to hold back. Above all, Lucia Cadotsch lays it down straight: she sings freely and with pride, she uses her gorgeous
instrument like a real storyteller. What she sings always sounds real because there is a hotline between the song and her heart.
The newspaper DIE ZEIT recognizes in the native Swiss singer one of the most important voices “for the resurrection of jazz melody beyond tired scripts and singer-songwriter clichés.” Originally from Zürich, now living in Berlin, Cadotsch recorded three albums with the musical collective, Schneeweiss + Rosenrot. They won the New German Jazz Award in 2012. Together with Wanja Slavin (Echo-Award Winner for Best Saxophonist National 2014), they run “LIUN and the Science Fiction Band”, Synthpop for people of the day
after tomorrow. Last year alone, she released a super-dada Bluegrass album with the group Yellow Bird, and together with Hayden Chisholm and the Lucerne Jazz Orchestra, she reclaimed the old time Big-Band Swing for the 21st century.

On stage together the three are a Force able to work their magic on any possible night. The songs they play make up the heart of their performance and in them – everything is possible.


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