Lagrimas Negras


Yanet Hernandez (Solo-voc, coro, Guiro, Campana)
Roberto Tey Acosta (Solo-voc, coro, b, Guiro, Campana, Shekere)
Carlos Alberto Valdivia Paz (Solo-voc, coro, b)
Albrecht Huber (tp) Peter Tuscher (tp); Rich McLaughlin (tp); Thomas Bouterwek (as)
Felix Hernandez (conga, bongo, coro) Roberto Guerra Madden (timbales, drums); Alfred M. Hartmann (p)

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Wawanco belongs to the leading Salsa-Bigbands of Europe. It is true that they make really extraordinary music. The group consists of first class musicians from Cuba (singers and percussion) and Germany (horns).
Wawanco is probably the only Salsaband in Europe who presents in a larger range its own compositions. The music is made by the pianist and bandleader, Alfred M. Hartmann and the texts are written and worked out in improvisation by the singers. In the meantime some of the pieces have got such a good fame that they are played by caribbean bands. Since several years there is also the famous cuban composer and bassist Silvio Vergara (Rumbavana, later Grupo Raizón) who writes exclusive arrangements for Wawancó. Shortly also Jorge Leliebre from Los VanVan.
“Wawanco means a dozen of really latin full-blooded musicians, whose virtuous playing, hot rhythm and beautiful melodies … go to the hearts of the auditions and raise their feeling to pure enthousiasm. … this music will not only enter your ears and your feeling but also make your legs move and your mood raise. Be cautious: Wawancó means really – no chance for bad humour and frustration”


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