Dear World / Hikikomori


Johannes Enders – Saxophones, Flutes, Clarinets, Perc., Rhodes, Programming
Bastian Stein – Trumpet; Micha Acher – Trumpet, Sousaphone;
Jean – Paul Brodbeck – Piano; Karl Ivar Refseth – Vibraphone; Wolfgang Zwiauer – Electric Bass, Synth Bass; Gregor Hilbe – Drums, Percussion

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One of the most potent and creative voices on Germany’s modern jazz scene, saxophonist Johannes Enders has brought a profound understanding of the jazz tradition and an urge to swing to his previous 12 albums as a leader. With Dear World & Hikikomori , he takes things up a couple of notches. A dynamic double-CD documenting his concurrent interests in both acoustic jazz and electronic experimentation, Enders’ latest Enja outing finds him pushing the envelope in two wildly different directions. And the results are equally rewarding on both ends.