Creatures & States


Evgeny Ring alto saxophone
Philip Frischkorn piano
Stefan Schönegg double bass
Eva Klesse drums

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The Eva Klesse Quartet keeps a biennial release rhythm with its fourth album, creatures & states. It is the follow-up to Miniatures – Ten Songs For Chamber Jazz Quartet, released at the end of October 2018 to critical acclaim. Many praised the intuitive and confident interactions of the band and the characteristic, variable language of sound: „There is hardly a bar as one would expect it to be in the tunes of this album. No cliché. No celebration of effects. But rather the pleasure of instrumental conversation,“ BR-Klassik (Bayerischer Rundfunk) stated. Matthias Wegner confirms in radio Deutschlandfunk Kultur: „…a wonderful overall sound: unagitated, but still full of depth.”


Brushing Hippopotami 00:06:33
Minotaurus‘ Labyrinth 00:05:40
Choral for P 00:03:18
Herbstmonat 00:05:29
Mr. Liu 00:06:16
Hal Incandenza 00:11:28
Einsiedlerkrebs 00:06:44
Flirr! 00:02:01
La Vie 00:05:10
Der Tuchmacher 00:05:52