Bathing in Flowers


Rebekka Salomea – vocals; Leif Berger – drums; Yannis Anft – keyb; Oliver Lutz – bass;

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Pushing boundaries. SALOMEA manifests a contemporary multi-genre melting pot: Music as a deep conversation, a band taking risks, a voice from another universe, precise and warm. Defining music as art, with a strong belief in love, respect and honesty. Asking for open minded ears to face this carefully balanced proposition of the music of the future.
Rebekka Salomea and her high class band, Yannis Anft on keys, Oliver Lutz on bass and Leif Berger on drums, have performed at renowned festivals like Jazzablanca (Morocco), Avignon Jazzfestival (France) or Moers Festival (Germany). The unique mixture of HipHop infused Jazz, RnB and contemporary electronic music finds its perfection on the band’s second album „Bathing In Flowers”.



March 00:03:54
In This Together 00:04:32
See Through 00:04:22
Gifts & Duties 00:07:16
Bathing in Flowers 00:03:56
Outdoors 00:03:49
Heroine 00:04:48
Invitation 00:04:07
Baby 00:05:16
Not Dead! 00:04:36